Summer Grant FAQs

Below, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about Summer Grants. Click any question to view the answer.

About Summer Grants

Burke’s Summer Grants offer funding for faculty to attend a workshop or work on a curriculum project over the summer. You can apply for a Summer Grant using the PD Funding Request Form you use for all PD requests.

All returning and new faculty members are eligible for Summer Grants.

For Associate Teachers (ATs), Curriculum Grants (explained below) typically need to be in collaboration with a lead teacher, and Workshop Grants (explained below) typically need to be for Bay Area opportunities. Exceptions to these guidelines for ATs must be discussed with the AT Coordinator and Division Director in advance of applying.

Staff and Administration are not eligible for Summer Grants, though they may apply for funding for opportunities that take place during the summer through the standard PD request process.

Faculty may apply for Summer Grants to fund either curriculum work (“Curriculum Grants”) or workshop/conference attendance (Workshop Grants.)

This includes:
Stipends for both individual and collaborative curriculum projects.

Reimbursement and/or advance payment of expenses related to attending workshops, seminars, and conferences in the Bay Area and beyond.

Curriculum Grants offer faculty stipends to design curriculum for use in their classrooms. These projects can be either individual or collaborative. Faculty working on Curriculum Grants are expected to design any curriculum using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework. A per-day stipend is paid for curriculum grants. The stipend is $250 per day.

Workshop Grants offer funding for faculty to attend workshops and conferences, both within and beyond the Bay Area. For workshop grants, Burke’s will reimburse workshop and any related travel fees, in accordance with the reimbursement guidelines in the Employee Handbook.

“Idea Lab” Curriculum Grants allow teachers to add a stipended Curriculum Grant on to a conference or Workshop Grant. The goal is to empower faculty to think about how they might apply what they learned at a conference in their classroom by directly linking professional development with curriculum design.

“Idea Lab” grants recipients will receive funding to attend their requested PD opportunity AND a stipend for curriculum work outside of the 8am-4pm weekday work schedule following the conference or workshop. This stipend is $250 per day.

For example, if you’re writing a proposal to attend a Google Apps for Education workshop, you can request a Burke’s “Idea Lab” Curriculum Grant/stipend to spend two days developing curriculum informed by what you learned in the workshop.

Summer Grants can take place anytime after the Professional Development Institute week at the end of the school year and before the first work day of the new school year.

Grants that include both new and returning faculty cannot conflict with New Employee Orientation.

A portion of the funds raised by the Parents’ Association through Family Festival, the Benefit and other fundraising activities go towards supporting Professional Development. This includes funds specifically earmarked for Summer Grants.

We consider late grant applications a case-by-case basis and only after we’ve finalized decisions on grants that were submitted during the application window. We will likely not have updates and decisions on late submissions until at least mid-June. Also, in recent years, we have had to deny late submissions due to a lack of available funds. Please make every effort to submit your proposal during the 9-week application window.

Acknowledging that some hiring can take place after the application window, we do set aside a small amount of funding to be able to support grants submitted by new employees. These applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Decisions & Approvals

Grants are reviewed by members of the Academic Admin Team. The Division Directors and the Director of Curriculum and Program Innovation review all applications. From time-to-time, the Head of School and Director of Inclusivity and Community Building are also brought in to review specific grant proposals.

In addition to reviewing the responses to grant application questions, we consider factors including, but not limited to, cost and funds available, other requests (both ongoing PD and other Summer Grants), an employee’s role at Burke’s, and connection of an opportunity to an employee’s goals and/or school-wide initiatives.

Decisions for grants will be sent out by early May.

Late Submissions
Late grant applications a case-by-case basis and only after we’ve finalized decisions on grants that were submitted during the application window. We will likely not have updates and decisions on late submissions until at least mid-June. For more info, see the FAQ about late grants above.

Depending on the reason for not approving your grant, you might be asked to revise and resubmit your proposal. If you have any questions, please speak directly with your supervisor.

Benchmarks & Wrap-Up

You are required to complete the benchmarks by the dates indicated below:

By the beginning of Returning Faculty Opening Meetings:

  • Finish all parts of your project
  • Select and complete one of the sharing options
  • Post documentation of your Summer Grant to Folio*

*new employees can skip this step

  • Complete and return the Summer Grant Wrap-Up form to the Library and Innovation Support Assistant (Maria Shuman)

At your fall goals setting meeting with your supervisor:

  • Present your Summer Grant(s) to your supervisor, including any deliverables related to your grant.

For grants with reimbursable expenses, submit these expenses for reimbursement to the Director of Curriculum and Program Innovation.

As part of the application process, you will be asked to choose a reflection option for each grant. The options are:

  • Present a short workshop (a “Burkeshop”) to a small group of colleagues on during August’s Opening Meetings
  • Complete a written reflection for each individual grant.
  • Complete a written reflection that weaves together multiple grants.

You can submit your session title and description at or by clicking here.

The PD reflection form is available online. You can access it from the PD Resource Site or by clicking here. It’s the same form used during the year for ongoing PD reflections. Reflections will be posted to the resource site and will be shared with colleagues.

You can post your reflection directly to the Community Feed in Folio as well.

The Summer Grant wrap-up form can be found in your approval letter. It contains information specific to each grant. Print it out, complete and sign it, and return it to the Library and Innovation Support Assistant (Maria Shuman).

Stipends & Reimbursements

Your Summer Grant approval letter includes a pre-populated reimbursement form that contains details specific to your grant. You must use this form and attach receipts for all expenses over $10.00. For more details on acceptable receipts/documentation, please see the IRS requirements that are outlined in the Burke’s Employee Handbook.

Receipts should be submitted within 30 days of incurring expenses. For more information on Burke’s reimbursement policies, please see the Employee Handbook.

Burke’s fiscal year closes on June 30th. For grants that start on or before June 30th, all reimbursement requests must be submitted by July 31st.


To use the Burke’s PD Amex, please meet with the Director of Curriculum and Program Innovation (Fran Yang).

Other Questions

They were included in your approval email. You can also find them in your PD Google Folder on Google Drive (search for “FirstName LastName PD”).

Please email the Director of Curriculum and Program Innovation ( and your Supervisor. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reallocate funding to other grants.