6th Grade Advisory Clean Up

6th Grade Advisory Clean Up
August 2021

Summary of workshop/opportunity
I took a day to reorganize and refashion the 6th grade advisory calendar (advisory at a glance) for the 2021-2022 6th grade advisory team. Since I will no longer serve on this team, I wanted to leave the advisors a clean version of this resource. In addition to this, I also included the duties/obligations specific to the 6th grade lead advisor.

What were your big takeaways from your workshop or project?
My big take away from this work is the awareness of the many activities/projects that are used for a meaningful and well thought out advisory curriculum. We, the advisors, are able to chart progression and nurture development of the various well being/social-emotional topics for the year. Also, the calendar is a quick and easy resource for planning.

How does what you learned connect to your goals this year?
As I prepare to take on a new grade level of advisory, the clarity of this endeavor will help me in understanding the progression of the new curriculum. Fortunately, this tool exists for my new grade level. As I work within the new grade level and with new advisors, I will be better prepared to jump into the planning of a new academic year.

How might this opportunity lead to collaboration with other faculty?
In advisory work, it takes a village to make a meaningful, positive mark with your advisees. I will collaborate with the members of my advising team as well as with the former lead advisor of the 8th grade.

Would you recommend this workshop?
Yes. I strongly encourage faculty who move to a different advising grade level to undertake this work prior to the beginning of the year.

Interested in collaborating or do you have questions about 6th Grade Advisory Clean Up? Reach out to Anthony directly to begin a conversation!

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