Collaborative Curriculum Grant

Collaborative Curriculum Grant
August 3rd 2021

Summary of workshop/opportunity
I met with Ms. Banks on Campus on 8/3 to get an overview of the 3rd grade academic and social emotional learning curriculum and resources. I also took time to learn from Ms. Banks about how to best integrate myself with the Burke’s lower school faculty to be able to optimize our planning and instruction as a grade level team.

What were your big takeaways from your workshop or project?
My biggest takeaways from working collaboratively with Ms. Banks is gaining familiarity with teacher’s college writers and reader’s workshop materials. I also became familiar with Burke’s anti-racism social studies curriculum and units of study as well as the various different methods Ms. Banks uses to teach word study.

How does what you learned connect to your goals this year?
My goals this year are to provide meaningful implicit assessments/checks for understanding during whole class instruction and small groups. By familiarizing myself with the curriculum and getting advice on best practices from Ms. Banks I will be more prepared to create checks for understanding that align with my professional goals.

How might this opportunity lead to collaboration with other faculty?
Being proactive in my collaboration with Ms. Banks will allow me to better integrate myself into the lower school professional community. Since my mentor teacher is an upper school teacher, it is important for me to build strong collaborative relationships with my grade level team to best support the needs of Burke’s 3rd graders and prepare meaningful academic instruction.

Would you recommend this workshop?
Yes. I would recommend that any new lower school teacher at Burke’s take the time to meet and receive advice from an experience colleague in their grade level to help with a smooth transition to the Burke’s lower school faculty.

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